Sunday, 25 October 2009

I'm Already There

Lailia Tov:
I have not only heard this song all day, but experence it as well.
I can never hear "I'm Already There" without breaking into tears. It is a song too many of us live.
Today as I was heading for one my picture locations, the wind began to blow, throwing my sidelocks. I couldn't help but smile, because it reminded of how Mark would often play with my hair. The wind against my cheek, reminded me of his touch.
Suddenly the clouds disappeared and the sun was shining.
It is mid-morning here. Night in Afganistan.
Mark tells me the nights are so beauitful there. Surrounded by mountians, a ebony night sky fill with huge silver stars. His first night in country, it was a full moon. The Moon looked one huge Pearl. He says her beauty reminds him of me. And this when he misses me the most; for he cannot share this scence with me.
But I remind him: I'm already there--I am the beat in your heart, the wind whispering in his ear.
Mark would just be looking up at the night sky, thinking of me. So I thought of the words: "I am the Moon looking down, the wind whispering in your ear. Can't feel the love we share? I'm already there."
The song not only captures the pride we have in our beloved, the longing, but also the long and the commitment.
I am the beat of your heart.
Sleep well beloved.
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