Friday, 16 October 2009

Round Two

Boka Tov:
I decided to call my credit union to see if there was a problem on their end.
So, with a calmer, clear head, I decided to give PayPal another chance. After all, we all have bad days once in a while.
Remind me PayPal is not good for my blood pressure.
Since I did have a credit card replaced, I thought check that number against the account. That did the trick. I was able to reset my password and then go on to update the account. Then I was informed to be able to QUICKLY use PayPal, go to my credit union online and that would allow me to start using PayPal.
It didn't.
After two more phone calls, I still have to wait two or three days (after a charge of 1.95 was already returned from my account) to use PayPal.
Since this is a system many use for online buying, it couldn't just be me having this problem.
It isn't.
From my credit and others I have heard horror stories about this company.
But like ATT&T and the u.s government, Americans have gotten use to shoppy workers, lousy service and second rate products.
And because few complain, those of us who do raise Cain, are often offered by these companies chill pills, knowing our redrawing our busniess will do nothing to their bottom line.
But I do have one ray of hope: an eatery here in Norfolk that Mark and I reported has been shutdown.
By the health department.
I think the sun is about to come out.
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