Thursday, 15 October 2009

PayPal, Electric Arts and a Huge Headache

Lailia Tov:
The walk Sunday was wonderful. I didn't get everything done, but I did make it to Starbucks and it was still a good day.
Monday was the same. Very nice.
This day I went to pcik out new glass frames. I realize quickly I didn't have my shopping buddy, so I would have to make this choice without Mark's input.
Oh I know, people pick out their own frames without assistance all the time, but it is nice to have someone with you.
The lady I worked with was very nice and helpful. She laughed as she noticed I headed for the more artsy, crafty frames. Sadly, these are not choices we have at the NEX (Naval ExChange). I chose a pair that is so different from anything I have wore before. Not round (no one ever told me that with my moon face, I should go with rectangular frames) and while the colour looks royal purple, they are really black. I was told I was hiding behind these large frames; the smaller ones open up my face.
They shall be ready in two weeks.
My headache is alone gone.
There are two games I confess I loves: Sims and facekbook's farm town.
I love playing Sims 3, watching couples fall in love, marry and raise their families. And that is all I do. If you are familiar with Sims, there is some strange stuff that you can get into (like the occult) and thankfully, there is none on Sims 3. Farm town is, well, farming.
Anyway, to buy an object now and again, one has to go on the Sims Store Site. In the past, this wasn't an problem.
But in the past two months, it has been a nightmare.
This afternoon I wanted to but Sim points, this is how you buy things at the store. As it happen last month, both my credit cards were rejected. Not because the numbers were bad, not because I wrote in caps, just because there is an ongoing problem. I learned a few months ago, I wasn't the only Sim player having the same problem.
So, a few months ago I signed up for PayPal. I was told I had anacoount. So I found the password and guess what: it didn't work. After a 45 minute phone call, the account was canceled and I had to setup an new one. So today, I tired PayPal.
And you guessed it; the password didn't word.
So I tried to have it reset.
My credit card was invalid.
So was my phone number.
After speaking to three of the village dummies, it was suggested I open another account, using another e-mail address. This would make the third account in a few months.
Headache coming back. I have checked and double check. The cards are good. I have used the cards on other sites.
No problem.
But of course the problem doesn't lie with PayPal or Electric Arts. It is we, the ones who spend our money on these sites and suffer the abuse that go along with it that are to blame.
Funny, whenever a client of mine is displeased with my artwork, I bend over backwards to fix the problem.
Maybe that is why people still buy my needle-work after all these years and I'd never had a complain.
Anyway, I know this blog entry will not bother PayPal or EA in the least.
But I feel better for sharing.
Ah...I smell coffee...
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