Sunday, 25 October 2009


This morning I realized three things: one I need a new Mouse Pad. Two, my Mouse dragging, why? ah, it need fresh battiers and three I need to change the battiers.
Now usually I just say: "honey, I need fresh battiers!" and within minutes the TV channel changer, my cameria, etc has fresh battiers.
But when your husband is deployed, you have to learn how take care of things like the changing of battiers yourself.
So, I had to first think: ok where would Mark keep battiers.
In his desk.
An empty battery pack stared back at me.
So since I had to go to the store for a few things, I need to add battiers to the list.
But first I went to take some pictures.
Today's goal was; a morning walk, take some pictures, clean house while chicken stew stews.
Our area is alive with the colours of Autumn. And just as I was about to snap a shot of a lovely Church that's over one hundred years old, the cameria flashed me a message: change battiers. The lighting today isn't that great...
So off to the store I go.
I found everything but battiers.
I ran into my friend David who is the manger of the Kosher section and he told me that they were at the front of the store, at the custom's service desk.
So now both the cameria and the Mouse have fresh battiers. And I plan to make a pot of chicken and veggie stew for the week.
The life of an army wife.

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