Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Flu in Afghanistan

Boka Tov:
One of the sweetest things about being married to your soul-mate is it doesn't matter if your half a world away from each other, you both get sick at the same time.
Yes, Mark has the flu.
I hope to him last night, both of us coughing, blowing our noses and popping cough drops. The air of Afgansitan doesn't help. He was on his way to see the company doctor after his call to me.
Lots of orange juice, but sadly, no Laini chicken soup.
So we are praying that he gets over this bug quickly and returns to the work he loves. Of course, unless he is really sick, Mark still works in the office. The unit has been without a Civil Affiars officer for several months and there is lots of work to be done.
And that is right up Mark's alley.
It is one of the things I love about Mark. He doesn't complain about the work left for him to do, or even having to clean up after someone else. It is his job and he loves it. He likens it to dedangling yarn for me and forming it into a ball. He has the patients to work out the knots and knows when to just cut.
I am looking forward to hearing his reports about the people. Knowing Mark, there will be tons of pictures of the children.
Once he get over the flu that is.
I wonder if I should send the Cook my recipe for chicken soup?
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