Saturday, 10 October 2009

Key Found

Lailia Tov:

Well, Mark called @ 9:38 last night. Which was 6:00am where he is. I can actually set my new cell-phone to the time where he is stationed.

His voice was alittle husky last night; it's the dust in the air. Plus he is surrounded by mountains. And I can't get into more than that, lest something in my describetion get away his location.

He is serving the the company, lest we run into the same problems we did with AT&T the last time.

The unit is happy to have him back; he is badly needed.

And he told me where the key was; one of the end pockets, wrapped in one of his kippahs.

Once we spoke, I was able to sleep.

It's just that knowing he is ok.

So the next few days he is training for his new duties. And is as safe as one can be on a Army Camp in Afganistan.

I just had a bowl of Knox Kosher Chicken and Pasta soup. Not bad for a package soup. In fact, it was pretty good. It is a bit chilly here and the warm soup just hit the spot.

Tomorrow I plan to treat myself to Starbucks. Walk around a bit. Get some fresh air.

But tonight, another bowel of soup and a good book.

Nite all.
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