Thursday, 22 October 2009

Painitng The Town

Lailia Tov:
This morning I went out to pick up the medication my doctor ordered. It is just a 15 minute walk and like yesterday, I had no wheezing.
Blessed by His Name.
It was a beautiful autmun day. Warm, not too warm. Bright and sunny. I am so glad I grabbed my carmeria at the last minute.
This tree is beginng to turn lemon.
This tree is just a few doors down from Ghent Eye Care.
Ghent is indeed alive with the colours of Indian Summer.
In more ways than one.
While out, I notice a lady painting in front of the Chabad House painting. She graciously allowed me to take a picture of her. It turns out this week is Painting The Town Week. Some 60 local artist are out and about the city of Norfolk with easels, paints and canvas today and tomorrow, 'painting' our fair city. Then, on Saturday from 6-8 pm, the paintings, fresh off their easels, will make up the WET PAINTING SALE! @ Historic Motiticello Arcade, 211 City Hall Ave/208 East Plum street.
So if you who are reading this live in Norfolk, why not stop by and checkout the local talent. And no I am not getting paid.
I just happen to be the lady with the cameria, catching the artists at work.
Or should I say play?

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