Sunday, 25 October 2009

Back To Normal

Signing How Great Thou Art
The Choir I use to sing with, led by Nancy Klein

The Hymal for the evening.
Boka Tov:
Well I feel human again.
And coffee is brewing.
I still have a cough, it is different because my lungs are clearing up. And that means I can enjoy coffee once again.
Oh how I have missed you.
Last night was my first night out in a while.
The Church Mark and I use to attend had October Hymnfest and it was a blast. Some friends invited. But I don't drive.
That's another story.
So Ted and Susan offered to come and take me. With their precious little girl Susannah. Just a little blonde beauty. Like her dad, Susannah loves to sing.
The church was packed. young and old, from all backgrounds, the choir upfront leading the congregation in song. Some I haven't heard in years and took me back to my childhood.
At two and a half years old, little one did well, and we managed to stay until the next to the last song when we had to leave. There were friends I hadn't seen in a very long time and it was good to get some many hugs.
Next we went to a Christian Coffee Cafe, again another childhood memory. In the 60's during the Jesus Movement, Coffee House was the thing, where singers who came to faith in Messiah would start up to sing about their new found faith, play their songs and was the beginning of what we now know as Christian Muisc.
I came tried, but happy. Grabbed some juice and posted my pictures on the Church's website.
Then Mark called. I will be posting later after I get some work done. He has exciting news of what he is doing these days.
So now my coffee is ready and I need to get about my day.
See you later.
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