Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Hello My Friends


Yes, I am back :)

We have so missed each of you. And I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to the Blog.

First, I hope everyone had a wonderful summer.

Mark and I? has been an adventure.

So to make very long story short.

As you know, Mark was being deployed to Afghanistan in June.

Then we had a hiccup.

Mark had to have a CAT Scan to just make sure he was clear to move out. The were found custers of small growths on his spleen and liver. Too many to figure out what they were. After a series of back and forth it was deterimed Mark wasn't fit for duty and July found Mark waving his unit goodbye.

The doctor at Walter Reed felt if Mark could get another CAT Scan in three months, they could see if there was anything to these grows. Now Mark had been home on leave for a few days the first week of July and he looked fine. He felt fine.

It was decided not to send him home, but give him something to do while he waited for the Scan.

Speed up three months.

Sep. 17th. The growths hadn't gotten any bigger and many of them went away. So since there was nothing to these growths and all of his test came back great, Mark was fit for duty.

So last night, around 8pm, Mark headed off for East Aftghanistan. Because of security, I cannot tell you more than that.

I am hoping to hear from him soon.

Me? Well, I am coming to the last month of PT. The Therpist is very please, even proud of not only how well I am doing, but how far I have come. I even survived a bustrip to New Jersey. And yes, I shall share about that later.

Other than the stop-starts of this deployment, life has been good. I am still married to the world's greatest husband, we are still very much in love and as sicking as ever. Even my hebrew is getting better.

We are in the middle of Sukkah. It is very different this year.

Usually, Mark and I go to the Shul's Sukkah and enjoy breakfast, lunch or supper, including wine and Challah.

But this, we spend the first few days in New Jersey, enjoying a meal of Sesame Chicken, Stuffed cabbage and kosher Sushi from Yussi's Kosher Deli. Shabbat was in our hotel room, attending a Sukkath Feast the new day.

But atleast we were together those last few days. Memories that will get me through these next several months.

I picked up some chicken salad and cous-cous salad for supper to go with my wine. And pray that Mark calls.

Tomorrow. A new entry.

Ah it is good to be back :)
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