Friday, 16 October 2009

Eletric Arts

Laila Tov:
I am happy to report that while things have not gotten any better with PayPal, things are with Eletric Arts.
I found the company's number and was able to reach Tech Support without trouble. The gentleman I worked with was very nice and worked hard to correct the problem. Sadly, it remains a puzzle. But the good news, he did bump it up to Tech Level 3 to see what they could do and I should get some type of answer soon.
It was a pleasure working with EA and they are an example of good customer service.
I am still feeling yucky. Having no idea what this is. So, if I don't feel better over the weekend, I shall call my doctor. I do have some blood test I need to take care of next week.
Headache is gone and maybe I shall even be able to enjoy the beef stew I am making for Shabbat Supper.
Have a wonderful evening.
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