Friday, 9 October 2009

Todah :)

Todah: tha's hebrew for thank you.
Thank you to all who permitt me to blow off stream. To even yell and shout "this stinks!" Thank you for allowing me to be human.
Big hugs all around.
I haven't heard from Mark yet and frankly that is human. He has five months to catch up with his unit, learn his surroundings and as Team Leader get to know his folks and they him.
One of the funniest stories to come out is the first leg of his trip, to Turkey.
It seems that he was mistaken for a rabbi. This has often handle to us as a couple. I even thought he was a rabbi when I frist met him.
so he gets on the plane and everyone insist that he is a rabbi.
He was given a very good kosher meal and made a friend.
That's my Mark :)
Yesterday, I came home from PT (feeling sick from something I ate) and found his duffier bag sitting in front of the door. He had told me he was mailing it home. I had left a sweater in New Jersey and wanted to get it out. It is my favorite.
I found a lock on the bag.
Having no key to open it with.
I can only hope Mark mailed the key.
That's my Mark :)
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