Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Deadest Month

Laili Tov:
Yesterday it was 14.
Today 11.
In total, it is 55 dead.
October is the deadiest month in Afganistan since the War began.
It has been hard watching the news the past few days. Hard hearing of the deaths of American servicemen. Hard hearing our leaders and news reporters going back and forth as to if and when if there will be a troop increase, if so how many and when. The "giving of a thoughtful decision and not being rushed."
Expect for some of us this isn't a numbers game. They have names, faces, wives, children, parnets. Someone's husband, father, brother, son.
My husband.
We sit and wait for the President to make a decision.
We gather together with other going through the same and hug and pray.
We tug our babies in bed and pray.
We light candles; for the living and those now with G-d.
And we pray.
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