Friday, 30 October 2009

Our Honoured Dead

Boka Tov: Good Morning.
A few evenings ago, our President finally faced the reality he is a War President. Now I am not putting Mr.Obama down, it is just a hard fact to come to grips with. Amoung the vast piles of papers he must sign are orders sending the men and women of our Armed Forces into battle.
And  while all of service folk do come back to waiting arms of family and friends, some will not feel those embraces.
Some return to us in coffins.
 Mr. Obama made an surprise arrival at Dover Air Fort Base to honour the return of 18 fallen heroes.
One of my biggest complains about Mr. Bush was he never did this. And I shall not judge him or his reasons. That is between him and G-d.

So, for the first time in many years, we see a President giving his respect to fallen soldiers. Men and women he himself send to war. The family of Sgt Dale R Griffin permitted this picture to be taken. I thank them. It is a sobering remind of the weigh the office of President carrys, of the sacrifices our military and their families make.
When  Mark called from Afghanistan last, I told him about this and he was both touched and honoured.
We continue to pray for Mr.Obama.
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