Thursday, 15 October 2009

Love From Afghanistan

The past few evenings, just before i go to bed, Mark calls.
We decided that this is a good time for him to ring me.
He calls just before he goes to PT and his workday. My day is ending and his is the las voice I hear before I say my prayers.
I am usually curled up in my bed, reading my bible or the latest saga in Narina ( right now the Underland in The Silver Chair). A cup of tea or a glass of juice.
I sleep better when I have spoken to him, no nightmares, just sweet dreams.
It is a 30 minute call, but there have been a few times, it has lasted longer. And that I am grateful for.
It has been a very rainy day, the evening is wet as well. A nice bowl of soup is in order before Mark calls.
Nite all :)
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