Friday, 9 October 2009

No GreyHound; Part Two

Boka Tov:
That coffee took longer than I thought.
Anyway, first, hugs to Beth and Betty :)
And of course Liz, one of my facebook buddies.
So, the first leg of the trip wasn't too bad. As I said, I had to pick up Baby Wipes and Hand Sanitzer. Which, if you think about it, is a good idea. I alreay had my Sports drink.
At the second stop, we had about a 20 minute wait, this way folks could get dinner. I went ahead and called Mark for a few minutes.
After I rang off, an older lady said they had great food in the store. I smelled the chicken and having forgotten my lunch, thought chicken wasn't a bad idea. Then the same lady mention how hungry she was. She had been beaten and robbed and on her way back home. So I brought a bucket of chicken to share with her. This way she would have a few more meals. She was trying to get to Dover and then hopefully would be able to get home from there. (if her story wasn't true, then she has to face G-d about it, not I) As I began to eat, I noticed an older Arab gentleman looking at me. So I offered him a piece of chicken. At first he was surprised by the offer, but gave me a slight smile and accepted the chicken.
It is always nice to share your meal with others.
When we reached Willington, Del. I had to get off to catch the bus to Philly.
This is when things changed.
Our bus was due in @ 2:55 pm. It didn't get in until 3:15pm.
Our luggage was taken off the first bus and thrown, yes I said thrown onto the second. For the second busdriver loudly announced he was late and anyone in the Loo would get left behind.
So we hurried onto the bus less we found ourselves walking.
I frankly am surprised the bus wasn't stopped for speeding. We were hanging on for dear life.
Downtown Philly is a HappySnapper's dream; Alive with Asian culture blocks long and I couldn't get any pictures because I had a speed demon behind the wheel of the bus.
We made it to Philly in one piece and then learned our connecting bus had just pulled off.
Talk about a grown woman crying....good thing I had Moshe.
I called Mark and told him what was happening. It turns out our bus haven't left and the 5pm was always on time.
So Moshe and I stood first in line, for 45 minutes, waiting for the bus. We didn't dare move.
At 4:45pm, the bus pulled in and Moshe and I were the first to board.
I called Mark and left a message to let him know I was on the bus and we would be leaving soon.
I then took off my sweatshirt and it is here we believe I lost my cell-phone.
The bus arrived at MT Laurel on time.
No Mark.
I got off to call him and this is when I realize I lost my phone.
I asked the driver if I could come back on to look for my phone. He said no, but would look for me. He didn't see it. It is a Razor, which means it is now gone.
We had it turned off a few days later.
Mark's trip to the station took longer than he thought it would and upon reaching the parkinglot, a gentleman approached him about if he ever needed his taxes done...
I didn't take that well. I just had the trip from hell and some dude wants to dicuss a militarty tax break.
Wisely, Mark took me to the hotel so I could freshen up and then head out for supper.
One look into those beautiful blue-green eyes and being held in those stronge arms, I forgot all about GreyHound.
Until Sunday evening.

Moshe chilling after a long day.

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