Thursday, 8 October 2009

No GreyHound

Boka Tov:
First, thanks Marty: it is good to be back :)
The latest in the Reel Adventure is my trip last week to see Mark before he flied out for Afghanistan.
Mark thought (rightly so) I would enjoy a train trip to New Jersey. The country side this time of the year is so beautiful and as a Happy Snapper I could get some great pictures.
But the AmTrack was in the No Man's section of NewPort News and no one knew (not even Mapquest) knew where to find this place. It was suggested that I take GreyHound. Which would be quicker than the train and Dad Reel could drive me to the station. And of course Moshe decided at the last minute to come along for the ride.

It was a beautiful Thruday morning. The air was crisp, but not chilly. Because Mark had paid for the ticket online, we had to arrive early to settle the ticket and checkin my luggage. I remembered there was a Cafe inside, but were told at the Ticket counter the Cafe was closed at the beginning of the year. The closest place one could go for coffee was at MacDonald's a mile away. And while Dad would have gladly gone to get me a cup, I really preferred his company. It has been over ten years since I have traveled alone and was alittle nervious.
In the meantime, we both went to use the Loo.
First, I had to do a hunt and search for toliet tissue for about five minutes. Not good when you really have to go. Then the hand dryer didn't work, so one had to use TP to dry the hands.
I was reminded of my former missionary days, making a mental note to pick up babyWipes at the first Bus Stop.
We chatted until 8:15 am when the bus arrived. Looks like it would leave on time.
Dad gave me a kiss and hug, blessing and send me off for NJ and my awaiting soldier.
And I shall never Go GreyHound again.
The first leg of the trip was fine. I had brought a book to read, a pillow for my head, Gatorade to keep my joins and muscles happy.
Our first stop, I picked up water and a small package of babyWipes along with trailmix. Good thing.
Back on the bus, I went to use the Loo. Toliet Tissue yes.
Did I mention I shall never do GreyHound again.
Hold that thought...time to make the coffee.
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