Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Why Blog?

It is a beautiful, sunny autumn day and I plan to get out with my cameria.
I did start the new blog,( lainisview.blogspot) and will start posting my pictures.
As I told my mum-in-law, it's keeps me out of trouble as well as show the beauty of the world I live in.
I was catching up on some of my fellow bloggers, reading what is going on in their minds, hearts and heads.
I recall the words of one blogger: there are some in BlogLand that are the "authorty on this or that" and will rip you apart if you have a different view. After all, THEY know best."
I have to agree. There are Blog Bullies out there; some aren't aware that they are.
One can share their point of view without attacking others like a Buzzad on RoadKill if their opinion differs. I hav seen it first hand. And sadly several months ago, someone called my name out in a rather nasty comment.
Just because I have a different view.
So why Blog?
Because we all have something to say; something to share and teach. Because there is someone out there who needs the smile your entry brings. Needs the new fresh thought.
Needs a new friend.
I confess it is hard to read some blogs sometimes. It isn't the grammer and/or spelling (though this new text-english drives me nuts) It is being called a bigot when you don't agree with same-sex marriage, when you supported John MacCain and hearing your husband called a killer because he is fighting a war that was declared on us.
I thought this is a free country.
And yet I of all people, am called a racist because I didn't support this country's first biracial President. That Blogger has the right to their words; it is their Blog. But what if the person you write about reads your words? What if it is their mother, father, sister, brother? I am not a Obama supporter, but if any his family read my blog.....
Get my drift?
All of us who Blog, have a reason for being here.
And whether we realize it or not, like it or not, more people read what we have to say more than we know. And those words have more impart than we can imgaine.
Happy Blogging.

I happen to be one of those strange people who likes Sarah Palin. Oh, I know there are folks who make their living trashing Mrs. Palin. Like the boy who almost became her son-in-law, the father of her grandson.
Again young Levi is speaking about Mrs Plain and her family.....
I don't know what it was about because I turned off the TV. I don't eat swine and I don't allow filth in my home.
Reminds me of something my mother said years ago. Words I didn't heed until way too late.
Mummie always said the man you chose as your husband is one of the most important decisions you make. Be wise as to who you give your heart to.
Young Miss Palin, like so many of us, wasn't wise and now she has to deal with the father of her son running down her family.
It doesn't matter if it is true or no.
It isn't right.
I know. I loved a Levi and paid dearly for years.
My Levi died ten years ago. A very sad, bitter man.
My prayer is someone will advise Levi to get out of the mudpit, wash and get his life together. For his sake and that of his son's.
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