Friday, 23 October 2009

I Need New Socks.

The sights of Indian Summer in Ghent.
If your going to walk about Ghent, you need cute socks. During the weekend, while I laid in my sick bed, looking at my sock covered feet, I was wearing a pair of Mark's old PT socks. Thier cute for working out and walking about the house. But I need some cute socks.
My mind went back to when I wearing a soft cast to protect my ankle as I awaited the operation to replace my tendon. I had taken an old dance legging and sewn fancy bottoms all over it. Sadly I didn't take a picture, nor I have the legging. And the buttoms are on a Victorian Quilt I am making.
So I got the bright idea to sew more buttoms on some of the socks Mark left me. And this way I don't have to worry about matching them.
Pictures forth coming.
But I still needed some nice, girlie, colourful socks.
After I left the doctor's this week, I went to the mall and found....none.
However, in the sale's bin of my Drugstore, I found these babies. Now my age about to show, but I was 17 years old when this sock came out: and it had gloves and a hat to match. My druggist said she knew there more in the back and would keep an eye out for me. Anyway, I am planning a shopping trip and I know Claire's has these.
So I shall be picking up a pair.
Or six.
While not one hundred percent, and refusing to feel guilty because my home isn't as I would like, Baruch HaShem (Priase the Holy One) I am at least not as sick as I was last week. That I am still here to enjoy Shabbat. My meal is prepared, just needing warming and I have Challah. Recovery is still one day at a time. And Shabbet is that time when the body is at rest and renewing.
Ah the Joy of Shabbat.
Next week, G-d willing, I shall share three dreams I have about Sabbat.
Until, have a wonderful evening. And to all, whether you celebrate now or one day, Shabbat Shalom

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