Monday, 26 October 2009

Clean Clothes, A New Friend and Peace

I decided that since I am still getting over the flu, I would not do all of the laundry at once and wear myself down. So I shoved dark clothes into a laundry bag and headed off to the LaundryMat.
Once the clothes were placed into the washer, I headed off to Starbucks for a cup of coffe to enjoy with a very good book.
Mark told me that often the author has been asked: "but what happen to the little boy?" The answer: 'it is a work of fiction." The Kite Runner is a work of fiction on the backdrop of real events and you walk away caring about the people your reading about.
I can't wait for the quiet of the evening to return to its pages.
Starbucks is also Supporting Our Troops by sneding them coffee. For every box of coffee you by to send to the troops, you recieve a free cup of coffee.
Thanks Starbucks.
But it is also a sad day at Starbuck: The Pumkin Spice Latte is now out and it is still not kosher. I hope someone from Starbucks reads this and figures out a way to fit this problem.
I miss my PumkinSpice.
So with my Mocha Latte, I sat down and began to read The Kite Runner.
I had just finished a second chapter when I notice a sweet, blonde head little boy in a stroller. Mama had stopped for coffee before they headed to the park.
His mum asked if the book was any good. I told her yes, and we began to talk about books. She was a reader and looking for something new. I also suggested Three Cups of Tea and The BookSeller of Kabul.
It turns out that she is a Navy wife, securing housing for her family. They are still stationed overseas and will move here in a few months.
She mentioned someone she knew doing Humane work in Kabul.

I asked if it was so-in-so.
Turns out it was.
Funny how G-d brings folk together.
So my new friend and her little guy headed off for the park and I headed for ATT&T to learn how to use my new cell phone.
It is great, but it was driving me nuts.
But after 30 minutes of patients teaching, I now know how to use my cameria, including video, get a new Ringtone for free and get on facebook.
If your going to buy one of these fancy phones, you might as well learn how to use it.
So it was off to put the laundry into the Dryer.
I got some cool pictures around Ghent. While I hate Halloween, I get snap a few pictures even I couldn't pass up.
As I went about my day, there was a slow Peace growing inside of me. Peace "in the mist of the storm." As the song goes.
I felt The Holy One whisper: "Mark is in My Hands."
Our life and times are in G-d's Hands. Sometimes we folk of faith forget that. Regardless of what happens, both Mark and I are in G-d's Hands. And I must rest in that.
And I did.
I prayed for Mark, his unit. For the families who would recieve news of their loved ones, that the G-d of all comfort would comfort them.
And us.
I light a candle tonight.
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