Monday, 26 October 2009

A Kite Runner

Lailia Tov:
Last night I began The Kite Runner.
To many reading this blog, Kite Runner is an old friend. I remember hearing of it as a movie. And I look forward to seeing it after I read the book.
Funny, but the title reminds me of my mum, for she taught not only my sister and I, but my son as well how to fly kites. The various kites we would have in the closet; extra for neighorhood children to join in the fun. My, did she love to fly kites.
I really haven't thought about that much.
It has been almost ten years that she had her series of strokes.
No more kites.
But I realize today that I live within several nice parks where I can fly a kite. So, after I ge my home back in order from being sick, I am going to look for some kites.
One for Mark, one for Mummie and one for me.
And when Mark gets back home next May, we are taking Mummie kite flying.
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