Sunday, 25 October 2009

Enjoying a Whine

Why are all the classes I wish to take on Saturdays?
Yes, I know Saturdays are great for working folk. And I wouldn't take that away from them. But being Jewish, I don't work or attend classes on Shabbat and until I find something during the week or Sundays, Saturday is it.
I found a beginners Art class and a Dance class I wanted to enroll. Nearby. Both are just a busride away. It is has been years since I'd picked a brush and figure this is a good time to do so. I plan to start teaching dance once again, but getting a few classes under my belt as well as getting back in shape is a good idea.
But on Saturdays.
So, you have to chose....
No choice.
Keeping Shabbaat isn't just a "good idea," but a Command that still holds today as it did on the very first Shabbat G-d stopped working and took a step back to enjoy His creation. That is what He invites Man to do.
So I shall continue to search for the classes I wish, with the hopes there is something during the week.
At least The Writing Class is during the week.

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