Wednesday, 28 October 2009

NightMare on Hamptom Blvd

Yesterday's entry did not include the Nightmare on Hampton Blvd.
I wanted to wait a full day to report.
It all began as I was leaving the apartment for the Laundry.
Hampton Blvd is a main stay around here and it's being backed isn't that unusal.
Except it was going toward ODU (Old Dominion University) and the Navel Base, not toward the Portsmouth Tunnel. At first I thought there had been an accident.
 But then I noiced several  police cars and black limos denoting someone of great importance was in the area.
So, I threw my laundry bag over my shoulder and continued my merry way.
After dropping off the laundry, I planned to hit one of my favorite little shops. I hadn't been there since Mark's last visit home and the shop owner is a friend.
Didn't get the chance. Someone came in and said that access to 43 and 45th street and Monarh would be limited. And there was no bus service coming down my end. This met not only I wouldn't able to go to the little shop, but downtown as well.
As I dropped coins into the Washer I learned why: President Obama was in town, support Mr.Deed's run for Governor.
Well, that explains the no bus service and why the front of my apartment looks like a parking lot.
The President was just ten minutes from me.
I dropped in the last coin and went to Starbuck.
It was a Hot Chocolate day.
I finished The Kite Runner, picked up my laundry and headed home.
By now the schools were letting out, the Navel Base rang its evening bell and the hosptial was changing shifts. Traffic was at a stand-still.
Tempers flared. There even words exchanged between cars.
Students from ODU were walking home, dragging their book bags behind them.
No bus serivce.
Yes, the local and national news covered it.
Not one word about the backed up traffic.
Guess that wasn't too important.
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