Sunday, 11 October 2009

Early Morning

Boka Tov:

To those who have asked to send something to Mark, once I get a land address I shall let you know. He is asking for Snail Mail.

The plan today is to clean the kitchen, maybe the Livingroom (they are a mess) and then go shopping. I need to pick out new eye glass frames and Mark would like a Shabbat traveling set. It come with two small tea candleholders so that Mark can keep Shabbat withour worrying about the candlestick holders.

The last ones he had, Mark forgot and left them in the Chapel in Iraq. We decided that it was a gift.

While in New Jersey, we attended a Messianic Congregation. They not only prayed for us, but gave us several books and CDs as gifts as well as taking us into their hearts. One of the gifts included a small kiddish cup, made of olive wood, small enough for Mark to pack with his things.

I am of course planning a trip to Starbucks and who knows, maybe even walk abit, now that the hips are doing much better.

It is Indian Summer here, a very nice time to get out and get some fresh air.

See ya later :)
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