Wednesday, 21 October 2009

So What Have We Learned Today?

Promgragtes, tea and honey...

Lailia Tov:
It is often said (my mum is good at saying this) that there are lessons to be learned from all that we go through.
I do believe that is true. Sometimes, I would rather take a pass on the class.
Today I went to the doctor's just to make sure my lungs are clear. Having asthma, the flu can be a rather serious thing, Swine or Bird. The virus's attack on the Respiratory System is rather nasty and worse if your very young, elderly or have a respiratory disease as I do. After years of dealing with this, I know when to sweat it out and when to head for the doctor. Becoming winded after a 15 minute walk, was enough to say that the virus was beginning to affect the the lungs. My doctor said the lungs were still clear, but she heard alittle wheezing and put me on a streiod treatment. This will help to clear up the phelem in my lungs as well as free the air passages. Over all I am feeling better and frankly had less problems with my asthma today than yesterday
Yes, it is the second time with the flu for me this year. Not uncommen with asthma. Some years with the flu shot, no problems, sometimes, I still get sick. Last year it was rather nasty, this year, I am doing ok. It's just the pits when your alone.
And that's my problem. Weathering through this without sounding like I am whining.
And I can't stand whiners so I am really struggling here. Betty is right: it is the pity when your sick and alone.
But others don't see it that way. So do you just suck it up and move out smartly. Or do you blog about your feelings?
I chose to blog. Because every once in a while I do recieve an e-mail from spouse, thanking me for voices the very emotions they are feeling and when they read my blog, they know they is someone else who understands what they are feeling.
After the visit to the doctor's, I picked up more chicken for soup. While shopping I found white carrots. Now call me strange, but I have never seen or heard of white carrots before.
I am curious as to how they will taste in my soup.
I have fallen in love with Simply Orange Juice. A friend told me yesterday the make a great rasberry-lemonaide. So I brought a bottle and she was right. It is very good. The lemon-aide is a great source of vitmin c anf the rasberry is part of the dark berries that are good for you.
I also enjoy SoBe Liz Blizz , Pina Cola which contains Vitimins A and C and Zinc. Mark started using ZCan when I had the flu last year, (you add it to a liquid). It does change the taste of what your drinking, but it does help.
So what have we learned?
The flu both Swine and Bird are air borne viruses. You can lessen the spread by washing your hands, throwing away used tissues and keeping up your liquid intake. Unless you live on another planet, you are going to be in contact with someone who has had or has the flu. Getting the flu shot lessens your getting it, but like any medication or treatment, there are risk in both taking and passsing it up. I don't believe in giving medical advise, I leave that to wiser folk. I do suggest that if you do get sick, rest, lots of liquids, soft foods like non dairy base soups are in order. And if you feel worse, call your doctor.
And if you hear of a friend who is sick? Make some soup, grab a bottle of OJ, put on a mask and drop off the goodies.
Your smiling face to help their healing progress.
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