Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Flu

Shalom y'all :)
I spoke to my doctor and what I have is the flu.
Doctors today just allow the bug to run its course, unless you have other underline aliments, or you get sicker.
So this weekend, I drank lots of ornage juice, when I felt alittle better went to the store and picked up the other things I would need for the next few days and slept the next few days away. That is really all one can do with the flu; drinks lots of liquids, take meds and sleep.
Right now I am feeling much better: I'd had no temp since Sunday and the sneezing, blowing noses and coughing is lessing. I am still taking things slow, but I did clean my kitchen.
I'd haven't heard from Mark the past few days.
That is to be expected, but it still doens't make it any easier.
He is excited that half his time will be working with the locals, something he is good at; seeing what the needs are and if there is a way to meet them. This is part of "winning the heart of the people."
Once I am over this bug, I will start baking the cookies and working on CarePackages.
But tonight, I will start on my first letter to him.
I also need to picture a few pictures for him. There is one he took of me asleep,
He says I look so beautiful when I am sleep.
I told him that's beacuse my mouth isn't running.
Always the gentleman, Mark said that's not true.
One of the many reasons I love him.
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