Monday, 24 November 2008

The Bat Mitzvah Girl

It was a lot of work preparing for my girl's day. Even sadly some angry words and tears.
Friday evening was the only time we had to setup for her party after the service. And we had to wait until after the Congregatianl dinner to do so.
Then after we rearranged the tabes and chairs, we were told we could not move the table, that we had to change everything back! I imforme those in charge that this was what the family asked for. But I was told it didn't matter. And since there is no written guidlines as to how to setup the Social Hall (I have suggested this for years) how was anyone to know if they had broken a rule.
Plus this rule had just been made.
So to say I blew up was an understatement. It was wrong, it was rude and now I had to explain to Howard why the plans we had discussed were not excucted.
Thankfully, Howard came in, showed the room request form he had filled out two months ago (I was told he hadn't) that showed the room arrangment and the approval of the plans.
Yes, I recieved three apolozies.
But to see the smile on my girl's face when Mark and I came into the Syngogue, when she saw the Social Room, it was all worth it.

May The L-rd Bless you and Keep you, May the L-rd make His Face Shine upon you and be Gracious upon you and give you His Shalom.
Mazol Tov!

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