Monday, 10 November 2008


Turkey Wave
Ah Christmas.
Everywhere you turn, there is Christmas.
We went to the Mall after Shabbat was over; Christmas.
Christmas trees, Christmas music, Christmas clothes and already Santa is bouncing wee ones on his knee.
What happen to Thankgiving?
What happen Turkey and stuffing? Cranberry sance and collad greens? (I live in the South, remember) What happen to dressing up and going to Grannie's house for her gibble gravey and pumkin pie?
Maybe I am a little on the old fashion side (OK, a lot!), but what happen to this day, set aside the fourth Thrusday, for we, as a nation stopping to give thanks to G-d for all of the blessings He has given us? Of opening our home to the lonely, the elderly, yes, even serving some time in a Soup kitchen?
Thankgiving was just as much as a wonderful holiday as all the the others. It has its only favorite, scent, colour. Its own special foods and yes, even traditions.
I remember one year sharing this day with friends who were Native Americans and their sharing what this Day meant for them. It had the feel of that first Thanksgiving.
Since this year Mark will be home, we have talked about this and plan to go to Williamburg for Thanksgiving this year.
Another Reel Adventure.....
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