Thursday, 6 November 2008

In Honour of Military Families

November Is Military Family Month
This November marks the annual celebration of military family month. Sponsored by the Armed Services YMCA and endorsed by the President of the United States, this annual observance demonstrates the nation's support for, and commitment to, the families of military personnel.
Recognizing the sacrifices that military families make every day has never been more important as we sustain the momentum in the war on terror. As with previous generations, today's marine families are rising to the challenge of supporting their marines through multiple deployments and intensive training schedules. The dedication and pride exhibited by our families are an inspiration and reflect a true understanding of what is at stake for our country and for future generations.
The legacy of the eagle, globe, and anchor is one of selfless service. The colors have been passed, not only to this new generation of marines, but also to their families. We acknowledge the courage and sacrifice it takes to be strong at home as our corps takes the fight to the enemy, and we recognize that the strength of our families is critical to the success of our marines and their mission.
Military family month is an opportunity to recognize our families for the significant role they play in the readiness of the Marine Corps. Let us make a special effort this November to honor their bravery and resolve, and encourage them to stand firm.
Commands are encouraged to celebrate this occasion by planning appropriate special events and activities throughout the month of November.
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