Thursday, 13 November 2008

Building Update

As I share a few weeks ago, the building where we worship is going through a major remodeling. Once a Christian grade school, it still had that feel up until a few weeks ago. For awhile, it had the feel of Noah's Ark.....

Last week, the dry wall was placed and now it is time to paint. So last night all classes were cancel due to the strong paint fuelds....
This is Chuck. It is his crew that is doing the remodeling of the Synagogue. Chuck is staining the doors and I love the colour.
The walls are being painted a warm cream colour. Once dry, the new rug will be laid. Mark and I will not be at Synagogue, so we shall see it next week.
The Ark, Housing the Torah is wrapped in plastic to protect it.
Chuck and his crew are doing an awesome job.
Mark and I looked about us, feeling like this is what G-d is doing in our lives.
And I can't wait to see what it looks like when He is finished.

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