Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Job Fair and Shopping

G-d is always speaking. The real question is: are you listening?

Boka Tov (Good Morning):
This morning, I am once again making copies for Mark. He is going to a Teacher's Job Fair today. There is also an opening in Richmond, Va that Mark is also looking into. While we do hope and pray Mark does obtain the training post at Bragg next Februany, he wishes to teach until then.
We do feel G-d leading us in another direction in our lives; where, when, how are the only answers.
It is called Patience.
Later, when Mark gets back, we need to some shopping to get Hannukkah cards and gifts for our Jewish troops. Mark was truly blessed last year and we wish a blessing to others this holiday season. Plus my buddy Koda (a corgi in southern california ) has a birthday coming up and we have to make a stop at PetSmart.
Just don't tell Koda; it's a surprise.
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