Sunday, 9 November 2008

A Sunny Shabbat

This weekend, we had very nice weather.
After a week of rain, the sun finally came out.
There was something that came up during the service and Mark was not able to chant his Torah portion.
And while nothing should ever come between the Torah Service, for it is the heart of the service, the Torah the jewel of our faith, I can only say this: not everyone at our Syngoguae hold the Torah same high regard as we do. That isn't judgement. That is fact. For many, it is easy to set aside the reading of G-d's Word because we are running over time.
Then run over time...
And while it was a great disappointment for Mark, he was able to work through his feelings, didnot allow bitterness to settle into his soul and know in his heart that his efforts did not go unoticed by the Holy One.
He is now working on the portion given in three weeks time and I am working on the following one.
Where we worship is not perfect. Several times Mark and I had almost left and that could still happen.
But it is very easy to whine about what is wrong and not be the agent of change that is needed.
G-d will lead us as to if and when we are to go somewhere else. Until then, we pray.
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