Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Do You Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Leaves
For the past few days, Mark and I have been asked: Do you (Jews) celebrate Thanksgiving?”
“It’s an America holiday. We qualify, don’t we?”
In the Torah, there is a Thanksgiving Offering, and it is the one the worshipper partakes of.
It’s an American holiday with origins in a persecuted religious group who makes an exodus and finds its way if not to a promised land, then to a land of religious freedom.
Ring any bells, dinner or otherwise?
Some think Thanksgiving feels much like Sukkot. Both are harvest holidays where thanks and praise are given, and mass quantities of food are communally shared. Each involved a wilderness pilgrimage. Each has origins in makeshift living accommodations.

It is a time to gather with our family and friends, giving thanks to G-d as a nation for the blessings we share.
Yes, we celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Carving
But in our home, there is no Football. The T.V (after the Thanksgiving parade goes out) is off as we enjoy time with loved ones.
This year, because my mum cannot manages stairs anylonger, Mark and Iwill be going to the Assistance Care Home where she lives. This way she will share the Day with her family.
And I need to make collard greens. I don't dare show up without collard greens.
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