Thursday, 6 November 2008

G-d is Still on The Throne

Boka Tov (Good Morning)
It has been an interesting, few days.
History was made; we now have our first black president.
I remember a movie made of the same name many years ago. Then it was still a dream. Today the dream has come true.
I have read a few...unkind remarks about the outcome of the election. We have words I never thought would come out some folks mouth at our place of worship. I am thankful Mark and I have decided before who became President we would be:
1. gracious about the outcome.
2. pray for the new president
3. remember Who is really in charge.
As all who read this journal, you know we are a family of faith, a military family.
My husband's boss is the Commander-in Chief, whoever that may be.
The Holy One, Almighty is the Head of our home, the center of our faith and life. And for us, it doesn't matter who is sitting in the White House.
G-d is still on the Throne. It is He and not the man sitting in the White House that makes the final decision in our lives.
And guess what: the outcome of this or any election did not catch Him by surprise.
We watched the election results like everyone and knew early on our choice was not going to be the next President.
Mr. MacCain gave a wonderful, gracious speech. He himself said, come January, Mr. Obama will be his President and vows to serve him. he has called for all Americans to do the same.

Only G-d knows what the future holds: for the future of our nation as well as our lives.
Mr. MacCain has set the example I believe we all should follow. We who supported Mr. MacCain do him a disservice by behavious like children throwing tantums because we didn't get our way, than like the hero we admired.
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