Thursday, 13 November 2008

Cold and Rainy

Well, it is a cold, rainy Thrusday here in Virginia.
But it is nice and toasty warm in our home.
It is laundry day, so Mark has dropped off the laundry and on his way to have his beard reomoved and hair cut.
It is one of the few things Mark and I hate about being military; we like his beard.
But until he retires, that is the deal.
Sam, Mark's bestfriend is coming to Virginia for a job interview tomorrow morning and will spend Shabbat with us tomorrow evening.
Sam is so much fun, so I am looking forward to seeing him again.
I pulled out the lamb for Shabbat supper, making a lamb stew. I made veggie stew yesterday so we will have the rest of that with leftover chicken wings.
I am making some hot coco and now cleaning the apartment.
I have to save some for Mark.
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