Monday, 3 November 2008

Vocal Lessions

Boka Tov:
Well, I can't sleep, so I am writing some.
My leg.
Thanks to a reaction to the streoids that took care of my sinus problem, my right knee and thigh are twice its size. I am noe using crutches to get about. So off to the doctor's we go.
Just before bed, I asked Mark how his studies were coming.
OK, he answered.
Then I asked him to chant. He did.
Having heard it, I knew it wasn't right. Not the words.
The tune itself. Mark was a little flat.
Well, Praise G-d, Mark has a wife who sang for many years in a choir conducted by her friend, Nancy.
Actually, I must give my friend the honour she is due. Dr. Nancy Klein is the director of the Chacel Choir of kempville Presbyterian Church, Old Dominion University, Associate Professor, Choral Music Education; Director of Choirs; Graduate Program Director for Music Education, etc).
And one of the sweetest people you would ever wish to meet. I had the honour of taking vocal lessions from Nancy one summer. And I still have the practice tape.
So, I took my husband back into the livingroom and taking the basic lessions Dr. Klein taught me years ago. Within ten minutes, the air was filled with the wonderful sounds coming from Mark's soul.
He was so proud, grinning from ear to ear.
"I didn't think I could sing." Mark said, both shocked and pleased.
I knew he could; he just need a little help.
Thanks, Nancy
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