Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Leg Update

Well, the news about my right leg is good. I should be staring PT in a few days, to stretch out the muscles. All the test came back good, so my mineral balance is back to normal. And that is a very good thing.

But I still look like a MoonPie..Good thing my husband loves me.
Anyway, while I was checking in the Clinic, I notice Mark was sitting down. Usually, Mark is at my side. But today, he is sitting down.
So after I checked in, I teased him with: "I guess the honeymoon is over....I was waaaaay over there by myself and you were sitting waaaaay over here."
Mark stood up, gave me a huge kiss and then...gave my butt a playful slap!
In PUBLIC! He has never done that in public.
"No! the honeymoon is not over." He grinned, not realizing that the whole office saw his love pat.
But I did....and if I wasn't on crutches....
It wasn't until I had came back from the bathroom and he heard that he realize that people did indeed see what he had done...
When Mark blushes, it is so cute.
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