Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Mazol Tov, Mr. Obama

The people have spoke.
Tonight history was made.
Barack Obama Wins Presidential Election.
Mazol Tov.
It is a time of celebration; whether you voted for Mr.Obama or not.
As a woman of colour, I am indeed proud of how far our country has come that in my own life time, we now have a African- American as President.
True, Mr.Obama was not our choice, but Mark and I will not take away from Mr.Obama and his family this victory.
As Mark said, Mr.Obama is now his boss and as an officer in the Military, he shall serve under him faithfully.
To our new President, Mark and I pray for him and his family, for those he appoint as staff as well as the healing of our nation.
It is my hope and prayer that we will put down our differences and work together to heal the wounds and put our country aright.
And while I doult Mr. Obama will ever read these words; Mazel Tov, sir.
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