Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Happy ThanksGiving

The History of Thanksgiving
Well it is the day before Thanksgiving.
I love Thanksgiving.
I remember the house being abuzz with activity; cleaning the house for family coming in. Preparing the various dishes for our Dinner. Making Thanksgiving Baskets for the poor and delievering them before we sat down at our table.
Turkey, home made pumkin and sweet pototoe pie. Cranberry sauce, pototoe salad and Mac and Cheese. And of course collard greens. It would not be Thanksgiving without mum's collard greens.
After we watched the Parade, we went to Church for the Thanksgiving Service and then come home.
Mummie always set a place at the head of the table for Yeshua. As the Head of our home, it is from the Hand of G-d we recieve our blessing and He was the Guest of honour.
I remember the "children's table" and when I was four-teen I was old enough to join the adults. Each would share what they were thankful for and then after the Blessing was said, we ate.
Thanksgiving Friday was movie day: we would go see whatever new movie was out.
Leftovers were eaten Thanksgiving weekend and those four were filled with laugher and games, joy with our family and friends.
When I shared my childhood with Mark, we adapted them as our own as well as came up with a few of our own.
We enjoy visiting both sets of family and then coming home for a nice quiet afternoon of movies and Turkey sandwichs.
This year, I am thankful that Mark is home safe and sound. Our friend Dane came home from Iraq Monday, so we know this will be a wonderful Thanksgiving for them as well. For those far away from family, we pray G-d's protection and that next year, they too will be with their loved ones.
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