Sunday, 23 November 2008

Winter is Here!

The past few days the weather has changed. Into the closet has gone the sweaters and out has come the winter coats.
Winter has finally come to Virginia.
Makes me long for a nice, stone fireplace and hot chocolate.
before Mark went to do the laundry, he made hot chocolate.
We went to visit for a few minutes some friends, dropping off the last of the mash pototes.
Yesterday we celebrated my niece becoming Bat Mitzvah and we made 30 pounds of mash pototes. And I have the pictures to prove it.
The last ten we decided not to make; there would be enough food and there was.
So last night as I took a nap, Mark cooked some of the pototoes (knowing I did wish to see another bud) and the rest this afternoon. We are freezing some and the rest we took to some friends we knew would love them.
The Service was wonderful yesterday and our girl did an awesome job. Pictures forthcoming.
But Auntie Elayne is still recovering.....
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