Sunday, 9 November 2008

Tuesday At StarBucks

One of my flavorite jounrals is Marty:
Heard at Starbucks. I love to hear the stories from his Starbucks, but also his travels.
I have told Marty from time to time, our Starbucks is quite dull and boring, having none of the excitement or colour of 7th and Montanta.
Until last Tuesday.

We had read in Heard From StarBucks that the Red Cups were back. So after Mark and I voted, we treated ourselves to Gingersnap (Mark) and PepperMint Mocha Twist (Laini) and two muffins. I was telling the woman taking our order about Marty's journal and how nothing seems to happen around here.
She assured me they do; we're just not here when they take place.
And then it happen.
As I sat my crutches down and Mark was moving my purse off the table, the crutches hit the purse, the purse hit my coffee cup and the cup hit the floor.The streaks on the window....yes, the coffee shot across the room and hit the window as well.

I was not a happy Laini....
But I was given another venti Peppermint Mocha Twist, and thrus, it was I, Laini, that brought alittle excitement to our local StarBucks.
And yes, everyone stayed cleared me and the crutches.....

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