Monday, 3 November 2008

Love From Iraq Revisited

It is really chilly here in Virginia today.
I have been taking things easy because of my leg. I have a little more movement: I believe the ice helped. But we will see how I do the next few hours.
Mark has been out this afternoon; amoung his running about is getting another sign for the porch. And this time I am duck taping it to the pole.
So, I have been working on putting my backup files on the journal, Love From Iraq. This journal the time from when we first recieved the news Mark was being deployed until his return home in July 2008. This is also journal where I met so many of you; our readers and friends. Once that is updated, I will work on finishing We Made Our Own Huppah.
I hope you will take a moment to read thoughs journals as well. (I hate the word blog and refuse to use it!) I have added some more pictures to both.
There is also an all night prayer service where we use to go to church as well as prayer all day tomorrow.
We are going tonight and tomorrow after we vote.
And despite your political stance, I would ask that you keep Senator Obama and his family in prayer: his grandmother died a few hours ago.
Knowing the precious gift of a grandmother, he and his family are in our prayers at this time of mourning.
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