Saturday, 1 November 2008

A Wonderful Day

It has been a wonderful day.
We did arrive a few minutes late for the service, but it gave me time to reflect upon what i would soon be doing.
When I arrived, a friend told me my mother-in-law was already here. Dad's shoulder was bothering him, but he was there in spirit.
Later, when I went to the rest room, I saw a special friend standing in the back. It meant so much for our friend and big brother to be there. He came to hear me chant the Torah, knowing what an important moment in my life.
I have just come off streiods to shrink nasal polyps and one of the side affects is muscle cramps. Just as I began my reading, the back of my tigh cramped up. I lost my place in the scroll, but picked it back up.
I strumbled over one word.
G-d is still on the throne and the earth is still turning.
The victory for me? I didn't get upset because I made a mistake. I honoured G-d, His Word and The Holy Day Shabbat. And as Melissa said: "Don't you think G-d is pleased with that?"
I know He is.

Mark will be called up next week.
And I shall stand by his side. Just as he stood by my.
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