Sunday, 9 November 2008

Let The Healing Begin

A few hours before, Ere Shabbat (Shabbat evening) a class from a local collage, studying the Greek Scriptures, attended a class held at our Synagogue. Rabbi was teaching the backdrop of the Scriptures; Judaism.
Of course, this meant we had to wait until the class was over until the class over to setup. This includes planning the Challah and wine on the table, etc.
The class stayed for the service and for many, this was a first time they ever attended a Shabbat service. Because I was on crutches, I could not climb the steps, so I had another sister kindle the Shabbat lights.
Mark however, did say the blessings over the Wine and Challah.
Later, Rabbi shared his Drash (sermon).
He went on to share that Mr.Obama wasn't his choice.
Brave words since most in the congregation that evening were Obama supporter.
But Rabbi went over that it doesn't matter who is in the White House; G-d is still on the Throne. This did not catch G-d by surprise. True, we don't share the same vision or values. But that isn't what the Scriptures tell us; no matter who is the leader, we are to pray.
And for those who sat in the congregation, hearing a Jewish Rabbi say he would pray for Mr.Obama and his family, made a huge difference.
Suddenly we the "religious right" weren't seem as the enemy, but fellow believers.
The healing of our nation has slowly begun.
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