Thursday, 6 November 2008

OK, Does Anyone Have Joe's Number?

Mark is at the Synagugoe, praticing for his chanting of the Torah this Shabbat. It is cold and rainy and given the very bad cramp I recieved last week being out last week in the same conditions, he wanted me to stay home, keeping my leg up, with a heat pad.
So, I am here working on our jounral. doing updates and adding pictures.
The heat is still off.
The new owners called in a Plumbing Company to work on the Boiler. And they have been working on it for two weeks.
Does anyone have Joe the Plumber's phone number?
Tonight I am working on the journal, TheSimhaofOurLiv...
This journal is so much fun to do. In it, I include the Holy Days we celebrate, the adventures of Mark and I, other fun stuff we have the joy to be part of.
Simha means 'joy' and that is what this journal is about. I just finish sharing about two friends who have renewal the vows they took 35 years ago.
In an earlier entry of this journal, I wrote about Rudy and Jezreel's 'wedding.' I am including the pictures from their day as well.
Micowave just went off. Heating pad is ready.
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