Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Veterans Day.

A friend of my wrote this poem for Veteran's Day. I thought it was fitting to post it here since I am married to one of this nation's heroes.....

Soldiers are different than the average Joe.
They hold their head high wherever they go.
In war or in peace, they are a proud band.
They carry their mission o'er air, sea and land.They don't merely fight for you and for me.
They do many things that keep our home free.
They may help build a school to teach some young kids.
Or a church or hospital in the land where you live.
They help in disasters that nature has wrought.
Where would we be without all that they brought?
Water to drink or food to eat.Equipment to clean up the mess in the street.
They defend the oppressed wherever they be.
They strengthen the girth of our liberty.
They give of themselves, all that they canto help you and I enjoy a free land.
When the time comes, and their duty ends,they return to the homes of their families and friends.
They still hold their head high as they walk down the street.
So be sure you thank, each one that you meet.

Written with gratitude and respect for all the young men and women who serve or have served their respective countries.
James A. Cole Sergeant First Class (Retired), United States Army
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