Friday, 7 November 2008

SunShine and Challah Day

For the first time this week, the sun is out.

I am going to stand on the fire escape for a few minutes and enjoy its warmth. Yes, it is still chilly, but one always feels good when the sun is out and about.
The heat is still off, the plumber is working hard, but it is looking more and more like we shall need a new Boiler. In the meantime, Mark is on his way to get a Space Heater amoung his running about to get wine and Challah for Shabbat. It is too cold in the house to bake and I miss the scent of Challah baking.
I made Black Bean Soup for Shabbat Supper a few days ago, so all I have to do is heat it up.
Ah Challah and Black Bean Soup. Unlike many, I do not like tomato base soup, so my is a darker base. Molasses is a good thicker (not too much). Mark place the candles in the menorah before going out. I need to finish setting the table and getting out our clothes.
The candles for Shabbat must be lit by 4:44 this evening.
So I better hop along....

My handsome guy on his way to the store....
Looking good,
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