Saturday, 15 November 2008

Nasty Weekend :(

Sam didn't make as we had hoped. The weather has been rainy the past few days and the roads are awful. Sam's interview lasted longer than he had thought and he had to hit the road back home straight away (home is North Carolina)
It cleared up a bit for us to go to the evening service. Which is good, since we weren't going to the Shabbath service.
1.Because Mark has drill this weekend.
2.We are not in agreedment with what is happening this weekend.
Without going into a lot of detail, our worship service was turned upside down, finally thr time changed so that we can have a Day Conference.
Now, while I am not against a Teaching Conference, Shabbath is not the day to do it. There are six days in the week for work; Shabbath is a Day of rest.
But those of us (most of the congregation) who spoke out against it were overruled and so I enjoyed a nice, quiet, peaceful day at home.
With no drama.
Mark will be home soon, so I will finish this entry, heat up some veggie stew and while Mark takes his nap, checkup on the other journals we have going.
I really would like to finish Lovee From Iraq and We Made Our Own Huppah, some tiem this year.
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