Thursday, 6 November 2008

His Girl Friday

Boka Tov:
Since the Training Postition isn't open unit Februany, Mark is searching for a job as a Science teacher. He loves Science. I love to listen to him on this subject. How I wish I had Mark as a Scence. But then, I might now have learned again for the crush.
This morning, Mark is going to the school boards of Virginia Beach and Norfolk with the needed paperwork for teaching in these cities, Also there is a Job Fair this afternoon and next Tuesday. So this morning as I work on the journal, I am also making copies of resumes, references and putting everything for Mark to represent to at the Job Fairs.
So right now, as I wait for the heat to kick in (the Plumber has been working on the Boiler for over a week. Does anyone have Joe the Plumber's phone number?), papers cover the dinningroom table and I hippy-hop about getting this task done.
I really don't like having my dinningroom table look like this. But it is for a good cause.
I send my beloved out with a kiss and prayer.
I know he will do well.
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