Monday, 3 November 2008

More About the Tea Party

Boka Tov:
Mark and I just arrived home from the prayer meeting. It was a wonderful time of praying for whoever becomes President, his staff and for our nation.
I have been asked to share a little more about the Tea Party....
The Tea Cakes. I found a Tea Cake Pan at a Bakery store, so the tiny cakes are in the shapes of roses buds, tiny bundt cakes, stars, etc. The cake is a white-almond with strawberry, lemon and chocolate frosting. The finger sanwiches were Lox and Creme Cheese, Herbs and Creme Cheese. The tea was Golden Hony Dargiinlg and Black Rasberry.
One Tea Pot was an Asisan design with Peacocks, the other was silver from Morocco. The tea glasses are blue, red, green and purple, trimmed with gold. They are tiny because you want to keep filling your honoured guest with tea. If you enjoy their company, you give small glasses so they will stay longer.
The group was a small one this time, we shared our life stories, stories that helped each of us know each other better and how G-d has worked in our lives and still is working. The stories are personal ones. There are somethings only sisters can share.
Next month, we are planning another party and hopeful the other women in our group will join us. We have discussed having a Woman's Torah Study. I think a study of the Women of the Torah would be an excellent place to start.

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