Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Word From Moshe and Avraham

Shalom Everyone;
Moshe (The Mouse) and Avraham (The Bear) here;
Yes, we know that it has been a while since many of you have heard from us. But we have been around, enjoying Abba (Mark) being home, seeing Imma's (Laini) smile again and of course, going to StarBucks.
The house is full of Hebrew as both Imma and Abba work hard not only learning Hebrew, but chanting portion of the Torah. It is so beautiful to hear.
Today, while Abba is at drill, Imma is updating the Love From Iraq journal. She is now adding our letters and it is fun reading them again. Though we are glad that Abba made it back home safely.
This week Imma and Abba plan to go shopping for holiday gifts for the troops who are still in Iraq. Abba says a gift from home, a card, really does make a difference, it brightens a soldier's day. So he wants to be the same blessing others were to him.
What they don't know....we're going along for the ride.
After all, when there a shopping trip....there is always a stop at Starbucks.
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